Thursday, July 23, 2015

@ Starlite Lounge (the family session)

So I have a family contingent from out of town, including three minors, and they wanted to see me perform.  I have no gigs until August 1, so I contacted Brandon Lee, host of the Starlite Lounge open Mic, and asked him if he could hook me up (I needed to be up front on the lineup so I could get the kids out of there before 9:00, when they stop serving food).  Brandon really hooked me up, he was done setting up the PA by 8:00 or so, and said : “you can have at it until 8:50, when the kids have to be out of here.”  So I got to play approximately 45 minutes worth of music for my family and a few other patrons sitting around the bar.  I confess it was not my best performance ever (technical difficulties distracted for the majority of the set), but it was fun a to share my music with family. 
Lessons Learned: 1) Brandon Lee and Shannon Cannon (owner of Starlite) are truly wonderful and supportive people; 2) Open mic’s are a great way to have an impromptu showcase if you ever need to, and hosts are generally accommodating if you approach them humbly and with respect for their activity.  3) Although impractical for open mic's, never underestimate the value of sound check to work out technical issues BEFORE you start your set...

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